How do I get access to Yonder On Demand?

Our online classes are subscription-based, and we offer a single-day pass for $15 as well as a monthly pass for $35. All passes give you unlimited access to our online content for the set duration you subscribe to.

Do the Yonder On Demand subscriptions automatically renew?

Our single day passes do not auto-renew, but our monthly subscriptions do. Any cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent to our email at info@yonderyoga.com.

I am already a member at Yonder Yoga – do I still have to pay?

No! All members get access to Yonder Yoga On Demand for free – just add the monthly subscription to your cart, and it will automatically discount it to be free. If your Yonder Yoga studio membership is ever cancelled, your next monthly subscription payment will revert to the full online membership rate.

How often is new content added?

Weekly! We are constantly adding new videos at the beginning of each week. Additionally, our live classes are a new class each day.

How do I book and attend a livestream class?

Visit our studio schedule page and book into a class labeled “Online Yonder Flow”. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email 20 minutes prior to the start of class with your livestream link. Follow that link, and you’ll be set!

What if I can’t make the “live” class time?

Don’t worry! The live class will be available for you up to 2 weeks after it ends, so if you can’t make the 4:00pm time, your yoga will be waiting for you. Just be sure to “sign-up” on our class schedule so that you receive the unique link to gain access to the live-stream class.

What class offerings do you have on Yonder Yoga On Demand?

We offer full 60-minute classes, express 30 and 45-minute classes, restorative yoga,  yin yoga, tutorials and workshops! No matter your level, we have something for you!

I am new to yoga. Any suggestions?

While all of our Yonder Flow classes are designed for all levels, if you are new to yoga, we recommend taking a Foundations Flow or checking out some of our tutorials first.

What do I need for class?

While it is ideal for you to have a mat, yoga can also be done on a towel or carpet. Instructors will also sometimes call for the use of a strap or block, and if you don’t have those at home, you can improvise with books, belts, scarves, and pillows.